There are no standards.

Like a bowl full of FroYo, every space is different. You crave it, we design it.

Yogurt Shop Designer... a division of KatzDesignGroup

KatzDesignGroup strives to create fresh and delicious environments for your shop to thrive. We design the flow in the interior layout, lighting, custom millwork, and details then partner with your local architect and engineers in to provide a full design package for permit and construction.

Store Design, Franchise Interior Design and Construction Documents

Yogurtini hired KatzDesignGroup to design the interiors for its National franchise. KDG customized their interior by using a unique blend of glass mosaic tile, glass bead wallcovering, custom martini glass signage, back etched mirrorplex for the bathrooms and metallic polyurethane banquet seating. We have worked on multiple locations for the franchise.

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Interior Finishes and Furniture

KatzDesignGroup attends all the trade shows for hospitality design and looks for the newest trends in furniture, finishes and technology. We bring that expertise to every project. Hate to say it but... we are trendy. We specify what is hot, what is forward, and what is new and next. We have no fear of materials or color. We want the... "that is so cool factor" on every job.

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